Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fusion Bazaar

We are currently looking for more stalls to participate in the bazaar. If you or your friends are interested to sell your product(s) there, kindly reach Ms. Chang at 012 435 3211.

This is the poster of Colour a Life Charity Event

Colour a Life

Be a shopaholic with a heart of gold at the Fusion Bazaar this 9 & 10 July. Get your hands on must-have items ranging from fashion, art & craft, books and telco. In aid of Children's Protection Society, Penang (, this event takes place at the Han Chiang Indoor Stadium from 11 am to 8 pm. Don't miss out!
For further information, please contact : -
012-5550714 (Gina)
016-4937294 (Benedict)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

19th May

I have been very long time didnt write something here. I didnt really have a sweet and carefree sleep after started my new semester because all the works come non stop, is just like an endless jobs. Maybe is because of last semester, so we have to rush a lot of things. We organizing a charity event as our last PR project, things wasnt go really smoothly but learnt through the process.

This is our first and also last event in these 2 and half years in Han Chiang. I'm very happy and feel pleasure with my group of friends and even lecturers but time really pass so fast. In these 2 and half years, is not really a long period but it wasnt short as well, but i have pass through a lot of happiness and sadness with my friends. We argued in competition and assignments, gossip bout others, spy on others, when u flashback all the memories, you will just laugh without reason and think it is funny and stupid. Anyway, these memories is worth to keep in heart.

These few days, i have been thinking bout my further study, anyway, i wish to continue but maybe reality wasnt allow me to do so. I hope to discuss this matter with my mum but im afraid i will double her burden, i dont hope she will worry for me. What can i do anyway??? Sometimes, i feel like crying and even feel tired for everything. But i know every cloud has a silver lining, i wont be meeting all the bad things always, one day, good things still will come to me. Anyway, I wish it really does...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reality is Cruel

Today I know, no matter how good or nice you treat people, people are not necessary treat you the same way as how you treated them. Sometimes, I rather they lie or hide something to me than I see the real face of them.

The reality is cruel, is really cruel. In another way, maybe you think you are important to them but actually you just a small potato, no one appreciate what you have did, no one appreciate what you said or how real you treated them. We feel happy and proud when we have compliment, everyone of us likes people praise us, WHO DON'T LIKE??? But I won't take every of the compliment seriously because not all the compliment people given to you is true from their heart.

In my point of view, I will think that people praise you are because they want to take advantage of you. Maybe they know people like compliment, so they praise you and you will help them do more things. But I didnt mean all of them. Just few of them will do this. I discover this because I experience it personally, is kinda hurt when you know the truth. They didn't really tell you but the way you ask them question and the way they answered you, you will know it....... But i felt regret of asking this question because after I know the truth, I felt myself like an idiot, like a puppy......

I hope not everyone will do the same thing to me. Besides, i hope i can meet someone good in future. Other than that, im going back to school life, really good and feel enjoy.......

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Farewell Dinner

I had a farewell dinner (Full house) with my colleagues on last Thursday. We went to "Niu Che Shui" for a dinner, I went before but didn't really go inside to visit the place but this time I do. This place is still new and not every stall is running business now. The distinctive of this place is most of the stalls sell collectibles and toys. Is really a unique place. I really love this place because it feels like living in childhood. These are the pictures of the place and the restaurant that we had our dinner.

This is the restaurant we had our dinner

Boss's sis, Joey and I

Boss and his GF

The interior design of the restaurant

These pictures are the collectibles which sell in the place.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

almost done

Wao, really unbelievable that I'm gonna end my internship soon. Next Saturday, 280309 is my last day of internship. Although is not really end now but when you think the time is coming, you will automatically feel so happy and relax. People always told us, study is so relaxing, happy, flexible, etc. and we always reply them that "NO!" i rather go for work than study. This sentence will come out from our mouth is because we didnt really experience it personally.

When the so call internship comes, we only know they are right, working is really tiring, pressure and no freedom at all, besides, you have to consider alot and alot. Assignments in college, we can simply do or just copy from somewhere and paste it. But when working, we can't do the same thing as what we usually did in college, we will sue by people and we have to follow this law and that...oh....annoying...

But it almost end and i can back to my enjoyable life for 1 more sem...hahha. I know everyone of us has to face the challenging of work in our life, but at least i can have a nice and relaxing life for one more sem before working, haha...

In these 12 weeks, i learnt alot and i grew, sometimes, something bad happened to me in these 3 months, but when you sit there alone and think properly, if there is nothing happen to us at all in these 3 months and we can pass it smoothly, then we wont grow and we will not look forward, we will just stand in the same direction, same way.

Everyone knows as a intern you have to do every single thing what people ordered you, no matter is important, unimportant, related to you or unrelated, you just have to do it. Sometimes, i really feel like crying and feel like going back home and just give up. But when i think wisely, if i give up now, then im gonna fail my internship and my reputation will become very bad. This really help. But i admit that i really learnt something and i appreciated everything that they have taught me. Is really difficult to find someone that will teach you sincerely....

Oh.....i have to stop here d, is kinda long.........hahha......
Wish you all have a wonderful holiday before back to college.....

Thursday, March 12, 2009


We will not appreciate something that can get easily. Before my mum leave to USA, i always argue with her and complain a lot and a lot, but now without her, i only found that she is important to me anyway. No matter what she did to me before or how she treated me but then she still my mum, my only mum. I cry when she worry about me, I cry when she says not happy working in USA, I cry for her more than thousand times but without telling her.

I promised to give her a better life in future. I hope i can do it anyway. The only thing i still don't understand is why people still shout at his/her parents for some reasons, they always complain about their parents. Maybe they still don't know how important is his/her parents to them. I just hope you all can spend a little time and think, if your parents leave you, and how you will be.

We are separate in different places, mum - usa, sis - s'pore, bro - ipoh and I in KL right now. We only can meet few times in a year, but i didnt meet my mum for 5 years, is kinda miss her right now and i dont know why i can't control my tears dropping when im thinking about her. I wish to tell her but i don't dare to. I always tell her that i'm ok in here so that she won't worry about me.
The only thing i hope is she will stay happy in USA and always healthy.

So, please appreciate your parents before losing them.